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Leadership Starts From Within... 

Grow your influence and impact to become the true LEADER you aspire to be.  

We focus on TRANSFORMATION; helping you go from excellent to EXCEPTIONAL.

Olympic champions and world class players use a coach to help stretch, guide and support them.  This is the same in business.  

As a business leader - your business and influence will never outgrow you - so GROWTH has to start with you.

Our coaching supports you in being COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in EXCELLING further than you previously thought possible – harnessing your inner genius so you can work and lead ‘in the flow’ with passion and grace, without the exhaustion or isolation that is so often related to leadership.

If you want to play small.. we’re not for you.  If you want to GROW and SCALE your impact, influence and business… we are.

How can coaching support YOU on your leadership journey?

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Executive Dragon Online Leadership Programme

Executive Dragon is ideal for Senior Executives, Directors and Partners seeking to take on greater leadership responsibility and promotion. This unique leadership development course is designed to help you step into greater leadership roles, grow your income and make a positive impact in order to achieve your goals and succeed into the future, without burnout.

It is an intensive eight module course set over the span of 12 weeks. The modules consist of the 7Cs - Clarity, Confidence, Communication, Consistency, Courage, Collaboration and Crushing It - and Precision Targeting. These are key elements that are designed to help further strengthen and develop your leadership capabilities.

You will have a group coaching session each week and three 1-2-1 coaching sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the programme to help you make the most of the course and to help guide you through any challenges you may be facing. 

Access to all the materials is for life and is a hybrid of knowledge gained by the Empowering Success team from the Royal Military Academy Sandhusrt, Army Command and Staff College, Olympiad training, a selection of MBA programmes, crisis leadership from Harvard, neurolinguistics programming techniques and high performance and mindset development techniques. 

This is a highly actionable course so everyday you have practical outcomes to take away and implement to hone your skills as a leader and make life easier in the workplace.

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Leading Through Uncertainty Leadership Programme

Dealing with volatility and uncertainty can be un-nerving. It absorbs a lot of energy and focus. It can play havoc with our confidence, speed of decision making and the tenacity with which we approach problems. This impacts and risks inhibiting our ability to scale and grow ourselves as a leader, our team and the business.

One of the arts as a leader, is the ability to create certainty from uncertainty; whilst also maintaining a calm and focused environment for your team. This programme will ensure you gain that clarity and focus. You will feel energised, decisive and able to focus on the strategy and growth of your company, and ensure you have the work/life balance you need and deserve.

This programme is specifically designed and curated for CEO's and senior executives who want to scale their impact, lead through uncertainty and grow their businesses and teams in a highly focused, profitable and enduring manner.

Let us help ensure you thrive as a leader and find opportunities where others are only surviving...

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Our 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching Packages...

Polestar Global Influencer Programme

This bespoke programme helps you to harness your inner genius so you can work and lead ‘in flow’ with passion and grace, without the exhaustion or isolation that is so often related to leadership and being a global figure.

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Executive Resilient Leadership Programme

Our Resilience Leadership Development Programme is our most bespoke programme, offering personalised 1-2-1 coaching sessions helping to ensure that both you and your business is given the opportunity to thrive.

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Firestarter Entrepreneurial Growth Programme

'Firestarter' is our signature Entrepreneur business accelerator programme for entrepreneurs that want to scale and grow in a highly profitable and sustainable manner, at pace, without burnout.

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