Resilience & Leadership Retreats

Using the Power of Awe to Regain Balance & Inspiration


"The best investment I've ever made"


- Previous Retreat Attendee

CEO, Investment Bank London


Alice and the team at Empowering Success are excited to bring you unique opportunities to access world-class resilience & leadership coaching in the world's most phenomenal locations.  Here's a sneak peek at where we could be taking you...

16 - 22 June 2024

Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit South Africa Resilience & Leadership Retreat

  • An Empowering Success Exclusive Retreat

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience during this unique and exclusive retreat. Located in the Balule Nature Reserve, within Greater Kruger in South Africa, our retreat offers a blend of leadership and resilience development and self-discovery in the epic setting of the African bush.  


October - November 2024

Swim with Orcas Resilience & Leadership Retreat

This is a life changing experience. Our unique Retreat in Norway offers the perfect mix of adventure, personal development and relaxation. Swim with orcas and bask under the awe inspiring northern lights, you're guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime.


January - March 2025

Dogsledding in Norway Alta Resilience & Leadership Retreat

We have teamed up with Trasti & Trine to provide you with a truly unforgettable experience.  An adrenalin fix by day, then some of the most amazing views of the northern lights by night.  An incredible opportunity to make lasting memories and have life changing moments.


Date by Arrangement

Jordanian Resilience & Leadership Retreat

Behind every part of this retreat, is a different experience, with culture, history and leadership lessons abounding - all complimented by the mystique and hospitality of our Jordanian hosts...


Date by Arrangement

Highland Resilience & Leadership Retreat

Giving yourself space to think, enables focus, which unlocks positive change, this four day retreat exists to make change happen- all under the wide skies and inspirational backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.


January 2025

World Economic Forum, Switzerland Clarity & Strategy Retreat

The World Economic Forum and ‚ÄėDavos' offer an opportunity to mix with business and political leaders from across the globe. ¬†This unique clarity and strategy retreat helps you prepare by ensuring that your mind, strategy, focus and energy are honed before the big event of the year begins. ¬†Prior preparation supports exceptional performance.


Date by Arrangement

The Ultimate Choose your own location...

Together we will design a bespoke resilience & leadership retreat of a lifetime... pick you place, choose your team and together we will find your focus, ready for you all to thrive and excel into your next chapter.


“A rare opportunity to rise above the noise, in order to develop a personal 10-year vision, along with short, medium and long term goals"


- Previous Retreat Attendee

Chief Strategy Officer


"If you put someone in a place so beautiful they can do nothing but wonder - they will be so engrossed in its beauty that they won't even realise the extent of their own development" 


- Alice Bromage

CEO Empowering Success Ltd

A great way to escape the everyday...


" order to think clearly and strategically. I was able to plan my next steps realistically and effectively.


Also the food and hospitality is outstanding!


I made good friends with others on the Retreat. We continue to support each other months later.


If you're looking for some clear headspace and some techniques to plan your next few steps I would recommend this. The Highlands are glorious in Autumn (tho the river is cold!)"



- Previous Retreat Attendee
CIO & Founder

I can honestly recommend them to anyone.


"Having returned from a fantastic four days in Scotland at one of Empowering Success' Leadership Retreats, I can honestly recommend them to anyone.


Empowering Success set brilliant pace and space for the retreat. The content is really fresh, we had people that have attended Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and many other global institutions in recent years and yet all we did was brilliant, enlightening and insightful.


She and the team have a fantastic eye for detail and little touches which can often not just be the icing on the cake but a key defining part of such trips.‚Ä̬†

- Previous Retreat Attendee
 CEO, Investment Bank, London



Resilience Retreats

Phenomenal global destinations, from the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, to swimming with orcas in Norway - or the majesty of Jordan.