Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit (NGO Charity)

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The Black Mamba APU was founded in 2013 by Transfrontier Africa and created to protect the Olifants West Region of Balule Nature Reserve in South Africa and has since expanded to cover the entire Balule area, 400km².

53 snares removed in a day in a joint operation between ProTrack and Black Mambas bordering Balule Nature Reserve

53 snares removed in a day in a joint operation between ProTrack and Black Mambas bordering Balule Nature Reserve

The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit is the first of its kind, with the majority of the teams being women. There are currently 16 Black Mambas deployed, and a further 10 being trained to operate within Balule and along its boundaries.

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Anti-poaching is a major need in the area, due to the plague of rhino and bush-meat poachers. Apart from antelopes, other endangered species such as wild dogs and cheetah are also sadly the victims of snaring.

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Alice started working with the Black Mambas in October 2016, providing team building and mindset training.

She went back to Balule for four weeks in March/April 2017; helping develop the management practises of the Black Mambas, and undertaking a review of their working practises in light of the ever evolving and worsening poaching levels across the region.

Following on from the progress made in spring 2017, Alice returned in July/August to run a resilience, leadership and development package for the Black Mambas. This included career development and financial planning workshops, to develop broader personal and financial resilience to complement their role as leaders in their communities, as well as within the anti-poaching arena.

“Helping the Black Mambas excel even further, and develop as shining lights and women leaders is a real privilege. Supporting the work that the Mambas, and others, are doing to safeguard the African wildlife for future generations is one of my passions.” Alice Bromage


The British women behind world's first all female anti-poaching unit

The next stage of their training was in July 2019, where I went out and spent a month with the Mambas, supporting their leadership and team development. This has seen a period where the Mambas’ work has broached the boundaries of financial crime, and tourism. They received the Global Peace through Tourism Award in July 19, and were key note speakers at a financial gathering of 13 banks, from across 18 Countries in Africa; helping them understand the link between International Wildlife Crime and money laundering.

Download the enclosed infographic, if you would like more details about the Black Mambas, and please share far and wide.

The Black Mambas Anti-poaching unit, and their sister programme, the Bush Babies, are both run 100% on donations from amazing people like you.

Your support will help ensure that the Rhinos, Elephants, Lions and other wonderful beasts of the Wild to survive - give them a chance - help the Mambas Be Their Best and please donate whatever you can :)

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In March 2019 Alice was asked to speak at the Royal Geographical Society in London and present to a full auditorium on the works and day to day running of the Black Mambas.

Having made several trips out to work with them already on a pro bono basis, Alice’s first hand experience of the world’s first all female anti-poaching unit, and as the UK Ambassador for the charity, is educational, informative and an excellent application of her Resilience Leadership Training in action.

Discover more about this amazing group of women, their achievements and successes.

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Alice interviewed at International Disaster Response Expo 2019

Alice Bromage of Empowering Success interviewed at International Disaster Response Expo 2019 discussing leadership and Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit in South Africa.