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Leadership Starts From Within... 

Grow your influence and impact to become the true LEADER you aspire to be.  

We focus on TRANSFORMATION; helping you go from excellent to EXCEPTIONAL.

Olympic champions and world class players use a coach to help stretch, guide and support them.  This is the same in business.  

As a business leader - your business and influence will never outgrow you - so GROWTH has to start with you.

Our coaching supports you in being COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in EXCELLING further than you previously thought possible – harnessing your inner genius so you can work and lead ‘in the flow’ with passion and grace, without the exhaustion or isolation that is so often related to leadership.

If you want to play small.. we’re not for you.  If you want to GROW and SCALE your impact, influence and business… we are.

How can coaching support YOU on your leadership journey?

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Polestar Global Leadership 1-2-1 Programme

Our bespoke Global Influencer and State Level Leadership 1-2-1 Programme. 

- Details upon application.

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Resilient Leadership 1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Everyone has strengths and areas which need a little work. Investing in honing your leadership skills becomes more, not less, important as your leadership responsibilities grow; be that at Nation State level, running a global business, being a CEO or a C-Suite member.

When you strengthen your own resilience, there is a domino effect for the people around you. Good leaders lead by example.

Our Resilience Leadership Development Programme provides personalised 1-2-1 coaching sessions and access to our online Resilient Leadership Development tool. 

This programme will help you gain a clearer outline of your 10-year, 5-year and current-year goals, and what action needs to be taken now to achieve them. We will work through both your personal and professional constraints and considerations so that you can achieve the optimum work/ life balance.

Being a leader at the top of your game can be both highly rewarding and highly stressful. We help you navigate the highs and lows and the nuances of senior leadership so that both you and your organisation can excel.

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Firestarter Entrepreneurial Growth Programme

You already have a business idea, or you may have already started your business, and now it needs a spark or catalyst to really get it going.

Firestarter' is our signature Entrepreneur business accelerator programme. Drawing on our expertise and experience we guide you through challenges and solutions in setting up a new business.

Together we will work through your goals for each week, your progress, any obstacles that you have had to overcome, and mindset work that will help you drive forward ever stronger. We will also help you to develop a resilient and profitable business model, ensuring you and your business are good to go, for the long run.

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Our Exclusive Online Programmes...

Executive Dragon Online Leadership Programme

Executive Dragon is our unique leadership development course, designed to help you step into greater leadership roles, grow your income and make a positive impact in order to achieve your goals and succeed into the future, without burnout.

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Leading Through Uncertainty Online Programme

This programme is specifically designed and curated for CEO's and senior executives who want to scale their impact, lead through uncertainty and grow their businesses and teams in a highly focused, profitable and enduring manner.

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