Parental Leave 1-2-1 Coaching Programme

Support, Nurture, Engage


"I feel prepared and excited for my next chapter.


I started my coaching with Empowering Success as I was heading back to work after maternity.  Empowering Success has given me the confidence to focus on what's important.  I've thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and will continue to use all I have learnt."


- Senior Executive Assistant, Investment Bank London

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged, to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."

- Nelson Mandela


Empowering Success have developed a bespoke programme to support parents as they transition back into the workforce after taking parental leave.  With a focus on support, nurturing, and engagement, this personalised programme provides the necessary tools and resources to ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace. Designed to address the unique challenges faced by parents during this crucial phase, we offer tailored coaching sessions to help new parents navigate the professional world with confidence and ease.  


For those about to start parental leave, currently on leave, or preparing to return to work.

Empowering Success is committed to empowering parents and enabling their success, making this programme an invaluable resource for those seeking to achieve a harmonious work-life integration.

  • Focuses on individual needs and goals, providing guidance on career planning, skill development, and work-life balance, ensuring a smooth and successful reintegration into the workplace.¬†¬†
  • Equips parents with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers while maintaining a fulfilling family life.

"Working with Empowering Success has been transformational for my career."


Managing Partner, Investment Bank, London 


Way outside of my comfort zone.


"Alice is creative, positive and very knowledgeable, encouraging me to re-kick-start my business. 


My confidence has grown enormously. 


She challenged me and pushed me way outside my comfort zone."



- Founder, Property Lifestyle Group

An eye-opening experience.


"Wonderful.  Empowering.  Success is incredible. 


An eye-opening experience that really made me see the light on my career and home life, and helped me develop a plan to move forward positively."




- Digital Content Marketing Manager, Investment Bank, London

The world is my oyster.


I was given space and time to explore my thoughts, and Alice miraculously guided me, to reach a conclusion which is the best fit for me and where I want to be in the future. 


I'm excited about the possibilities.  The world is my oyster."


- Business Partner, UK & Global



Parental Leave Programme

Support, nurture, engage... let Empowering Success support you during your period of leave.