Achieve Peak Performance & Thrive






A unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, far from distractions - space to think, rejuvenate, and get outside your comfort zone to push yourself beyond what you thought possible in order to find clarity for your challenges, improve your resilient decision making, and enhance your leadership presence.


Only available to six very special individuals, this retreat offers amazing networking opportunities or team building.


Your challenges, your big conundrums & big decisions.


An elevated leadership presence, breakthrough clarity and a bullet proof action plan - as well as incredible memories and camaraderie.

Anyone looking for coaching in leadership and/or personal resilience should get in touch with Alice.
She is smart, engaging and very professional. Once you connect with her you’ll wish you had years ago.
— Mike Teasdale MBA
Director Global Sales

THIS RetreatS Offer A Unique Combination Of 3 Elements


1. Adventure

The Arctic Circle is one of the most remote places on the planet. Yet life thrives. Fjords packed with herring attract the Orcas and whales. Our daily boat trips give you the chance to be in the water with these wonderful creatures.

With changing sea conditions & environmental change this phenomenon is becoming more under threat by the year - and may never be repeated. Don’t miss out.


2. Personal Development

During group & 1-2-1 sessions, recharge your energy and explore your untapped resources! Clarity of Direction, Unity of Purpose, Awareness and Leadership Presence, discover your focus and unleash your capabilities.

Your retreat leader is Alice Bromage MBA BSc MCMI - Adventurist, Business Coach, Resilient Leadership Consultant.


3. Relaxation & TRANQUILLITY

A world of arctic tranquility & northern lights. A natural gateway to the Norwegian Gods! Watching electrically charged particles ‘dancing’ overhead is a magical experience.

Exciting, hypnotic and peaceful.

“ I wanted to thank you again because I couldn’t wait to start working on my personal goals and in these past few days I absorbed all the things we discussed during our session. I’m so happy that I have a clear picture of what I need to do for my personal and professional achievement. So thank you thank you thank you again. “
— Fashion Exec & Previous Retreat Attendee



Our unique resilience leadership retreat is built on experience gained over 20 years of developing individuals and high performance teams.

It identifies your strengths and the areas that need more development, and guides you through how to achieve success in those areas that need focus.




Warrior. Peacemaker. Resilient Leader.

From leading teams in some of the worlds most hostile environments such as Somalia & Iraq during a 17-year career in the British Army, Alice specialises in working with the raw power of nature to achieve groundbreaking transformation for her clients.

Alice utilises awe-inspiring natural locations across the globe to develop teams, stretching & challenging them to achieve breakthrough clarity & leadership presence.

Business leaders who work with Alice find themselves more productive, more approachable and remarkably resilient.

A great opportunity to quiz Alice about the Orca Resilience Retreat
and her other workshops and training programmes!



There are only 6 places available on the retreat - this is exclusive
Once the spaces are gone you will need to wait until November 2020 and pray that the orcas come back!

Norway is an expensive place to visit, and we want you to have a phenomenal experience, with the minimum of hassle - all you need to do is get to Tromso Airport…. and we do the rest :)

The retreat is all inclusive so that there are no hidden costs. It includes:

  • A lot of fun :)

  • Resilience Leadership Assessment and online challenge engine from the moment you book

  • 1-2-1 Coaching every day - we don’t set time limits - we are there for as long as you need

  • Daily Resilience Leadership Workshops

  • Accommodation in a secluded coastal Norwegian home

  • Food cooked by a beautiful French chef

  • Boat Trips in our own personal boat ‘Valhalla’

  • Swimming with Orcas and Hump Back whales (if nature and luck allow)

  • Wet suit, fins, snorkel

  • Hot Tub and Authentic Norwegian Sauna

  • Seclusion and Opportunity to see the Northern Lights

  • Beer and Wine with the meals

  • All Ferries to meet our hosts & return to Tromso

  • Hotel in Tromso on Tue 3rd Dec

    Wine and beer will be provided, but we are going to a remote arctic island - so if you have a tipple of choice, it’s recommended you bring this with you :)

This retreat is phenomenal value at £3950


Stunning Arctic Locations and an unforgettable Experience

want more info? Download the
Orca Resilience Retreat Brochure



  • Who is this for? Those that want to develop their own personal and professional resilience, and leadership - spending four days having an experience of a life time that will stretch you mentally and physically - whilst then receiving 1-2-1 coaching to develop you individually in each of the elements of resilient leadership; clarity of direction, resilient decision making, awareness, and leadership presence.

  • What should I expect? A pristine natural environment, the cleanest air imaginable, exclusive seclusion, spectacular panoramas of fjords & mountains plus swimming with whales & sea eagles.

  • What’s the plan? Daily boat trips to swim with orcas & exclusive one-to-one leadership training sessions plus a supportive group environment.

  • What retreat facilities are include? Scandinavian sauna, relaxing jacuzzi with views over the picturesque fjord and Kvaenangen mountains, sea baths plus meals prepared by our French hosts & Sami chef.

  • Any chance of recording the experience? Have the ultimate bragging rights by swimming with Orcas, endangered predators at the top of the food chain. Record your experience with drone photography, underwater video, gopro’s & pro SLR cameras.    

  •  Is it safe? Fresh from the summer captaining superyachts in the mediterranean, your guides Julie & Rodolphe are passionate about orcas & are hugely experienced at providing guests with safe experiences interacting with them.

  • How medically fit do I need to be? Swimming with the orcas is done out of your own choice - no one will shout at you to get in the water - this activity is done as a voluntary act - and is an experience of a lifetime for those that want to embrace the opportunity to swim with one of the most majestic of creatures - the orcas and hump back whales. Please check with your doctor that you are fit to go in cold water, climb on and off an inflatable boat, and do not have any back, joint issues or anything else that may be effected by being out on the water in a Zodiac Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIP) each day. You will be staying in a remote hamlet, so there is not regular access to medical facilities except in extremis where you can be evacuated - your travel insurance must cover this.

  • Travel Insurance All individuals must have their own travel insurance that covers swimming in open water, and going whale watching on a Rigid Inflatable Boat. The full details of the boat, Valhallah, can be found on the Valhalla Orca Expeditions website. The boat captain is fully qualified.

  • Travel Arrangements Please book flights so that you can be ready to meet in Tromso on Fri 29th Nov at 1500hrs. It can take up to 1.5hrs to clear customs, and get luggage in Tromso, so please leave plenty of time. The taxi trip is approximately 15 minutes from the airport, and meeting arrangements will be arranged directly with each individual.

  • We will arrive back into Tromso at approximately 2330hrs on Tues 3rd Dec, and then stay the night in Tromso. You will be free to disburse as you wish first thing Wed 4th - so you can stay in Tromso, travel to another part of Norway, or head home - as suites your diary.

  • What do I need to take with me? You will need swim kit, warm comfortable clothing and a sense of adventure. All camera equipment should be water proofed, and it is recommended that you bring warm hat, gloves, socks and thermals. Water proof boots - either of warm weather variety, or just wellington boots etc are essential - you will get very wet at times on the RIB as we bounce along the wave tops, there is often a bit of splash back :) Please bring waterproof suitcases if you can - or we can put them into waterproof containers when we make the crossing across the fjord on the RIB - the choice is yours :)

  • Will I need to spend much money when I am there? All of the costs from evening 29th Nov to am 3th Dec will be included in the cost. On the evening of the 3rd, please budget for an evening meal in Tromso & drinks (£100 -£150). If you have any drinks preferences, it is suggested that you bring these with you as there is no shop where we will be going 🙂 This is truly back to nature – but our hosts are French, so they serve wine and beer with the meal as people prefer 🙂

  • You will need to cover the cost of your flight to/from Tromso, and any other costs up until the meeting time.