Confidently Prepared for Uncertainty

What area were you looking to explore and develop when you decided to work with Alice?

I was looking to explore my options as part of my planning for a career change. I hoped to understand what my motivations were, how to frame my decision making and how to evaluate my options.

How did you feel during our session?

Initially overwhelmed by undertaking such a personal exercise with another person. This was quickly replaced by a feeling of excitement as the session progressed. During the session I had a number of profound realisations which were the product of the structured exercises and Alice’s insight. I am sure that I would not have come to these realisations by brute thinking alone.

How did you feel after our session?

Positive, in control and excited about the future.

What three words/phrases describe your experience working with me?

  • Fun
  • Honest
  • Challenged

What has changed for you?

I am able to evaluate career options in a consistent and structured fashion as a result the exercises. I better understand myself and where my skills and experience would be of use. I have a new understanding of my value to potential future employers.

How do you feel moving forward?

Much more confident, self aware, and better prepared for uncertainty.

Would you be interested in working with Alice through a coaching programme in the future?

I most certainly would!