From Contemplation To Action

What area were you looking to explore and develop when you decided to work with Alice?
Making a choice whether a career move to Australia would be in the best interests of my family and career.

How did you feel during our session?
I felt that Alice really listened to the issues and asked the right questions to identify all the key factors. This enabled us to explore areas that I had not previously contemplated or addressed.

How did you feel after our session?
My session with Alice made me feel strangely liberated, as if for the first time I had invested myself in to exploring the issue and identifying the right answer to my particular situation. It was so beneficial to be able to talk freely, with someone independently asking searching questions to take my musings to a level that would transition me from contemplation to action. It helped me realise what was important and what mattered most short, medium and long term. Perhaps most importantly it helped me to tackle the broader issues and to positively confront and overcome my concerns.

What three words/phrases describe your experience working with me?

  • Liberating
  • Empowering
  • Focused

What has changed for you?
Rather than driving a desk in Andover, I am now living the dream in Australia with my beautiful family. I am more focused and confident in my personal strengths and motivations.

How do you feel moving forward?
I feel immensely positive and in charge of driving forward my own career, electing to do what is right for me and my family. I have a clearer vision of the future and can build my goals and decisions around this.

Would you be interested in working with Alice through a coaching programme in the future?
Most definitely, speaking to Alice was the first time I had stopped and done a stocktake of my career and personal goals.

Anything else you would like to share?
Alice has a lovely manner and coaching style, which enables a trusting partnership to be built rapidly.

Are you happy for this feedback to be part of a testimonial on my website or used in marketing materials?
Absolutely, I give my Alice my strong personal endorsement.