My head has expanded to twice its size with the new ideas

What area were you looking to explore and develop when you decided to work with Alice?

I was looking to identify what my priorities are in life and key goals I can work towards to help me achieve these goal.

How did you feel during our session?

Very comfortable with Alice’s coaching style, throughout the whole process I felt I was listened to. I was given the space and time to explore my thoughts and Alice was able to miraculously guide me through quite a complex thought process so I reached a conclusion which I feel is the best fit for me and where I want to be in the future. 

How did you feel after our session?

The session covered a lot – practically all the things which are important to me in my life so I felt like my head had expanded to twice its size with the new ideas and thoughts, I feel excited about the possibilities….the world is my oyster!

What three words/phrases describe your experience working with me?

•      Very supportive and non-judgemental

•      Opened up possibilities

•      Establish logical and achievable actions

What has changed for you?

I am now much clearer on what is important to me in my life and how these priorities stack up against each other. I see there is a logical order to achieving my goals and I have clear actions on how to achieve each within a specific timeframe.

How do you feel moving forward?

Positive, excited and certain I have a set of goals which are achievable. I feel I have a concrete action plan with some sensible and manageable actions which I have started to work on.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Alice is very supportive, a clear thinker and non-judgemental and has a magical way of shining a light on life’s possibilities. I would recommend Alice as a coach for anyone who would like to assess their current situation whether it be career, finances, relationships etc. and who wants to identify achievable goals and gain a clear direction on how best to achieve those goals in the future.