Attitude shift creates enthusiasm to change

What area were you looking to explore and develop when you decided to work with Alice?
Following 12 years dedicating myself to a career, I thought I needed help with answering the question 'what else can I do?'  I suppose I was looking for inspiration and sensible, realistic advice.

How did you feel during our session?
Enlightened.  Alice helped me look at my situation and assess whether it was what I was doing that was the problem or in fact the way I was allowing myself to be treated.

How did you feel after our session?
Empowered.  Alice managed to identify the issues with which I needed to deal and offered constructive advice about dealing with them.

What three words/phrases describe your experience working with me?

  • Helping cut through the fog
  • Encouraging me to demand better
  • Offering a time focussed approach with flexibility

What has changed for you?
My attitude to the situation

How do you feel moving forward?
Enthused to try and make changes, whilst knowing there is also other alternatives

Would you work with Alice through a coaching programme in the future?

Anything else you'd like to share?
I was extremely impressed how Alice managed to focus upon the real concerns and although I thought, at the start of our discussion, that starting a new career was what was needed she soon made me realise that it wasn’t necessarily the job I wanted to escape from.