The Little Book Of Successful Secrets

This is ideal short audio book (53 mins), with some of the best nuggets from across the personal development arena.  The Little Book of Successful Secrets does exactly what it says…  It gives you the secrets of how to be successful in eight short chapters (and short-circuit reading 20 books).
The audio book is easy to listen to in small chunks as you are working, traveling or having a quick break.  It helps set out the steps from visualisation, goal setting, setting habits and activities that will enable you to be as successful as you aspire to be.  I would highly recommend having a notebook handy as you listen for handy nuggets and top tips that come thick and fast throughout the book.
‘Be fearless, dream big, and go for it.’

What you focus on the longest, grows the strongest’
The Little Book of Successful Secrets provides a mixture of a discussion on the logic about developing your creative side, and practical exercises to help you develop ideas and confidence in what you are doing, and how to hone your habits and behaviour to become more successful.
‘Get creative, and experiment with new ideas until it becomes second nature.’
Great little book, which is quick to digest, and costs less than a cup of coffee (in audio form); a good investment all round.
Can you visualise and feel what it will be like to cash a cheque for a £1million?

I am certainly going to be practicing this one :)

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