It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be.

‘It’s Not About How Good You Are, It’s About How Good You Want To Be’ was one of the first books that I stumbled upon when I was reviewing my ‘options’ back in 2014…  I was feeling stuck in a job that was not giving back, as much as I felt I was giving.  This little book mirrored what I knew I really believed in; and gave me hope that I was not totally crazy.  It gave me advice on how to structure my thoughts and actions to start really making the most of the talents and gifts I already have.

‘It’s Not About How Good You Are, It’s About How Good You Want To Be’ is set out in little double page quotes and pictures to illustrate the point in a fun and thought provoking way.  The opening gambit is that ‘You can Achieve the Unachievable’ [p.17] which I really believe in; otherwise how could we use a little handheld box (smartphone); and speak to someone on the other side of the world face-to-face for free, in real time?  So much of what we now take for granted was previously considered impossible/ unachievable.  As Fridtjof Nansen, Nobel Peace Laureate of 1922 said, ‘The impossible is what takes a little longer.’

With simple text, striking headings and a little to think about on each page, this little book is easy to read and digestible - which for a first introduction to the personal development world, and/or for a person with a short attention span (me)….is perfect :)

I now keep a stack of ‘It’s Not About How Good You Are, It’s About How Good You Want To Be’  to give to friends and family that need a boost, or that I know have lots of potential, but may still be waiting for the right ‘moment’ to let it really shine….. We all travel on our own path, at our own pace.  Just don’t let your special gift go to waste from being hidden under your bushel.

‘Do not covet your ideas; Give away everything you know and more will come back to you.’ [p.30], has been pivotal in my business design, and is why I want to share my ideas, the books that I have enjoyed and found useful.  What is the point of having the most amazing ideas in the world if you don’t share them?  And, if you share, its benefit can be felt further and broader than just being saved for posterity in your notebook or brain :)  Whilst some may say to keep your cards close to your chest, there is a happy medium - if you share the idea can, it can be bolstered and tested by collaboration and discussion with those around you - the idea may actually become stronger and more resilient – and, be able to go further, benefiting more people.

‘Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the Negative’ [p.34-35], and ‘The Person who Doesn’t Make Mistakes is Unlikely to Make Anything’ [p.50] are also good mantras to keep in the back of your mind each day.  Like in sport, where they say that if you don’t fall over, you aren’t pushing yourself; it’s the same in life and business.  Each mistake offers us an opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve so that we work smarter and better next time.  As Benjamin Franklin is famed for saying, ‘I haven’t failed, I’ve had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work.’

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