1-2-1 Coaching Programmes with Empowering Success

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learning to solve not just to fix

Coaching is all about helping you find clarity in your own mind. It's about learning how to prioritise tasks, time, objectives etc. allowing you to focus on achieving your goals; and learning to solve issues and problems for the long term rather than a temporary fix.

The right coaching helps you analyse and prioritise what to start or tackle first, instead of procrastinating so that none get started at all.

From the 1-2-1 coaching course you should expect to gain a clearer outline of your 10 year, 5 year and current year goals, and what action needs to be taken now to achieve them. We will work through both your personal and professional constraints and considerations so that you can achieve the optimum work/ life balance that is achievable at this time, and ensure that both you and your business are given the opportunity to thrive.


All our coaching programmes (listed below) are built around a core of an intensive review, where we develop the outline for the coming months goals and actions, followed by 1-2-1 sessions booked in around your schedule. The programme includes:

  • An initial 4 hour ‘intensive’ review of your current circumstances, your aspirations, business objectives, and current and upcoming challenges. This is undertaken in person in an inspiring and beautiful location to help give you a new perspective from day one.

  • Followed by 11 x 45 minute to 1hr sessions via Skype or telephone.

  • Includes access to 12 x emergency ‘sanity check’ calls of up to 10 mins each, which can be taken any time when you are just wanting to chat something over at short notice, or are presented with a short notice issue to overcome.

    (These do not need to be booked, and will be via text or phone as required.)

  • The sessions will be once every week to 10 days, as your schedule and progress dictates.

ideal for you?

  • Are you passionate and driven, but feel close to breaking point, or overwhelmed?

  • Do you want to improve your output and contribution to the business but are not sure how best to make the next step?

  • Do you have a period of transition coming up? Diversifying your market, growing your business, dealing with board or executive staff change over?

  • Do you need to develop personal and professional behavioural change during a transition phase of your life/ business?  Or that you don’t know what else to give the business/ role so that you and the business can continue to grow?

  • Are you positive and hard working, but just get stuck with the process of developing your business?

  • Do you need support during a specific period of transition or growth?

  • Do you have an amazing business model, but cashflow and growth are difficult?

  • Do you love bouncing ideas with someone of a similar business mind, who is impartial and objective so that your business development is focused and well thought out?

  • Are you transitioning from one role/ job to another and so would benefit from support during the process?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or would like to discuss your needs so that we can develop a bespoke coaching to fit you, just give us a call, or email.  We can’t wait to hear from you and see how we can be of service.

Four of our most popular programmes are outlined below.

coaching programs available
with empowering success


1-2-1 Fire starter

You already have a business idea, or you may have already started your business, and now it needs a spark or catalyst to really get it going. 1-2-1 Firestarter will get you off to a flying start!


1-2-1 executive dragon

Designed for Board level and senior executives, coaching can support all aspects of board dealings.

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1-2-1 Resilience leadership coaching

Todays world is high tempo and frantic. This is currently our most popular package, as it is perfect for all levels of leaders and manager - from CEO to team leader.

The pressures of home and work life are often extensive, and can at times appear conflicting. We work on developing strategies and skills with you, to ensure you thrive in this environment, and bring out the best in yourself and your team - whatever the situation.


business intensive review

From brain-storming specific issues in your business, up to a full business review, this is an ideal package. We will discuss and review your business aspirations, stakeholders, business structure and any ongoing issues to help ensure your business is running as YOU would like it.