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Empowering Success & Alice's Background

Empowering Success was founded by Alice Bromage in December 2015 to formalise the workshops and mentoring she was providing to friends and colleagues.

Her focus is to help you develop your business, and yourself, so that you can achieve FINANCIAL freedom as well as personal, professional and financial RESILIENCE.

Having been fortunate enough to work with and meet many amazing people across the globe, Alice recognised a trait in highly talented individuals frustrated that they were not 'achieving' as much as they had aspired to in their lives either personally, professionally or both.

Alice has been developing her own property portfolio for over 16 years, been brought up in a family of business owners, and completed her MBA in 2013; helping people run their businesses and lives as efficiently & profitably as possible is her passion.

Alice’s talent for helping people optimise their finances, whilst regaining a lust for life and enabling them to flourish and achieve their dreams, is something she knew she should offer to a wider audience.

With a natural flair for helping people develop their financial acumen, Alice decided to combine the two and start business coaching with an emphasis on getting you and your business to flourish!

Alice lives by a few simple rules:

  • Always believe that people want to work hard, do their best & are kind.
  • There’s room for everyone to be a success. We all have our own special gift to offer. Compete to the best YOU can be.
  • Build a team around you that optimises each other's strengths and builds resilience (the power of many, is stronger than the power of one).

and by a few simple mantras:

  • ‘Serve to Lead’
  • 'There is more in you than you think'
  • 'Protect those that cannot protect themselves'
  • 'There is always 'enough' (add time, resource, money etc.)

When you live by a mantra, it will shape your life!

Choose your own mantra carefully!

So what makes Alice the right coach for you?

What life experience and knowledge do I bring that makes me the perfect fit for working with you and/or your team?
  • I have over 20 years experience working in the British military developing and leading high performance teams and individuals.
  • I have worked with individuals from across the globe, of all ages and all cultures.The human dynamic is universal; with the challenges and how you overcome them being individual.
  • I have a passion for helping individuals develop financial plans to enable them to achieve the financial freedom they aspire to. I have helped people with raising funds for projects and businesses from £500 to £5million...
  • I have been developing and running my own property portfolio since 2001, in tandem with having a full time job.
  • I have been brought up surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs, so have experience of the highs and lows, the dedication required to succeed, and how to retain that 'tiger like' drive and energy that successful entrepreneurs need.
    (And how to avoid the ever threatening burnout.)

If you want to achieve, I can help you get there.

  • I completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 2013, studying whilst still working full time in the USA, Germany and UK. This gave me excellent exposure to international business executives and professionals, and to learn their top tips and tricks
  • I can help you view your business from a global and strategic view, so that you are competitive in your market and ahead of the global trends
  • I was responsible for a specialist team of 80+ individuals myself whilst studying for my MBA, so was able to develop my style of mentoring and leadership to ensure that the business principles were being applied in my work place, and my team

An individual produces their best when they are happy and healthy - so I help individuals create a development strategy that integrates their personal and professional aspirations, looking at the output of an individual and the team using a holistic approach.

We all only have 24hrs in a day, so resilience in mind, body and soul must be instilled at the start so that the business can gain the best from the individual and the team. Developing financial resilience concurrently is also essential.

There is very little difference from the fundamentals for producing a healthy thriving business, and a high achieving, thriving individual.

"By helping you perform to your optimum, the business will benefit too...a win win!"

My Qualifications?

  • Masters in Business Administration
  • BSc (Hons) Rural Resource Management
  • Qualified as an APMG Change and Risk Management specialist
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
    (helping you make mindset changes in your own brain)
  • Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI)
  • Developing and running personal property portfolio since 2001
  • I also travel regularly, exploring how businesses work, and how people, business and the environment interact.

This means that there is science as well as experience for you to lean on at each stage of your transition, and we can help smash down the barriers and build a strong and resilient new you, with a thriving business to match.

Failure is not an option!

You CAN achieve lasting, successful change - you just have to want to!

Press on the link below and book a clarity call. It may be just the change you were looking for.

change a mind.
change the world.

Developing Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit in South Africa. The first almost all female APU team of its kind.

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essential to success.

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