1-2-1 Fire Starter


creating the motivational spark

You already have a business idea, or you may have already started your business, and now it needs a spark or catalyst to really get it going.

This is a 12 session programme split over 3-4 months depending on how quickly you wish to progress. Each session is 45 mins to 1 hour long and is tailored to deal with your personal circumstances and objectives.

Together we will work through your goals for each week, your progress, any obstacles that you have had to overcome, and mindset work that will help you drive forward ever stronger.


  • For details on programme duration layout, visit the main page.

  • Coaching package which runs over 3-4 months

ideal for

  • Navigating a specific period of transition e.g. changing career, promotion from one level to the next, developing a business in parallel to 9-5 role.


Other coaching programs available
with empowering success

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Designed for Board level and senior executives, coaching can support all aspects of board dealings.

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Todays world is high tempo and frantic. This is currently our most popular package, as it is perfect for all levels of leaders and manager - from CEO to team leader.

The pressures of home and work life are often extensive, and can at times appear conflicting. We work on developing strategies and skills with you, to ensure you thrive in this environment, and bring out the best in yourself and your team - whatever the situation.

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From brain-storming specific issues in your business, up to a full business review, this is an ideal package. We will discuss and review your business aspirations, stakeholders, business structure and any ongoing issues to help ensure your business is running as YOU would like it.