1-2-1 Executive Dragon

Smith: "At the Senior end,  I would be gobsmacked if any executive in any function didn’t have a coach. I would find it odd - it would show a lack of self-awareness."
(Secrets of the HR Headhunters, peoplemanagment.co.uk, March 2017)

developing value in your business and its assets

The 1-2-1 Executive ‘Dragon’ coaching program is ideal for CEOs and business owners to enable them to successfully navigate periods of change in their business, optimise their staff output, and create resilience in the business and themselves.


  • A total of 12 sessions with an initial 4 hour ‘intensive’ review of your aspirations and challenges for you and your business. This is undertaken in person at a location of mutual agreement.  This enables us to explore what areas you would really like to focus on during the coaching and what ‘quick wins’ will enable you to start making progress from our first session.

  • Followed by 11 x 45 minute to 1hr sessions via Skype or telephone. This ensures that your time is optimised, as you do not loose time either side of the session in travel etc. These sessions can be changed up to 24 hours beforehand, and I work to fit your schedule, so evenings and week-ends are fine if that is your window of opportunity to speak.

  • Includes access to 12 x emergency ‘sanity check’ calls of up to 10 mins each, which can be taken any time when you are just wanting to chat something over at short notice, or are presented with a short notice issue to overcome.
    (These do not need to be booked, and will be via text or phone as required.)

  • The sessions will be once every week to 10 days, as your schedule and progress dictates.


  • Senior managers, executives and business owners who are looking for a well rounded and life experienced coach with a global exposure to a broad range of markets.
  • Executives that are passionate about their role and business, but are at the edge of their capacity in the current environment, or would like support during a transition phase.
  • Companies that are undergoing structural or role change. Aiding in the implementation of effective, positive, behavioural change is one of my fortes.
Feedback from a CEO client in Feb 2017 after our first few sessions;
'You are the best coach I have had so far, and I have had several.'
'I have made more progress in the few sessions we have worked together, than with some coaches I worked with for years.'
'You give me practical advice and I leave every session with an action plan. I love that & it is just how I like to work'....

what do i specialise in?

  • I can help you navigate the complexities of Board dynamics, hiring and firing of staff, optiming the output of yourself and your staff, time management, prioritisation and improving the outcomes of delegation.
  • Helping you find clarity, and create space for you to achieve to your optimum.
  • Helping you find and develop your inner energy and vitality again, this is particularly important if you are feeling like you are at the edge of overload or meltdown.
  • Helping you streamline your processes; especially if it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to achieve everything you want to.
  • Help you optimise your teams output by helping you develop your leadership style to fit your industry and workforce.
  • Ensure that you are thriving, not surviving, at home and at work.
  • Being your support 24/7 so that you have an impartial sounding board available whenever required.
  • Discretion.